Information Technology Center

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ICT Course for Undergraduates

The IT Center undertakes teaching ICT courses for undergraduates on request by different faculties . The center also conducts examinations on completion of each course. A sample test is available.

Certification Exam on Basic Computer Skills (CEBCS)

Students are permitted by the IT Center to obtain an ICT certificate without taking an ICT course!

University of Peradeniya Online Dissemination (UPOD)

UPOD is a central online depository to collect video links related to University of Peradeniya. You are invited to send any video links related to University of Peradeniya under Online courses, Seminars, Activities related to university, Research and Innovations, University awards ceremonies categories.

Our Activities

Digitized Action Plan Tracking system for the University of Peradeniya

    news image

IT Center developed a Digitized Action Plan Tracking system for the University of Peradeniya. news image

Consult the IT Center for Tailor-made software development solutions that suits your needs.

We provide our service for

  • Identifying business needs
  • Designing and implementing IT solutions
  • Training employees on how to use IT systems
  • Providing support for IT systems

We can support you by providing

  • Visiting lecturers
  • Conducting workshops/ training programs
  • Technical Advisory Services
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Site Inspections
  • Part time Services
  • Software Projects

You can request by sending a request letter, email call us for more details.
+94 (0) 81 2392070,

Short Term Training Programs

Solution by CEIT.