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Gynecology and obstetrics patient information analysis system

The IT Center developed a database management system to facilitate collection and analysis of data with regard to the Gynecology and obstetrics patients admitted to the Gyn & Obs ward in the Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya. The main information handled by this system have been carefully designed based on the request of Medical Practitioners, to meet their needs to draw timely conclusions on best management practices.

Technology support for the “Sri Lanka Police Service” and the “Ministry of Justice and Law Reforms” for crime detect..

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The IT Center is happy to be a technology resource base for government organizations like the Police Department and the Judicial system in several occasions. It is widely accepted that computer and ICT related crime detection and proof is only possible with the involvement of technical expertise in ICT. The IT Center has provided technical support to these organizations in the past, to help them identify criminals with existing evidence, and also to ascertain whether a crime has been committed.

Website for Department of Ophthalmology (Center for Sight), Teaching Hospital, Kandy

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The IT Center designed and launched a web site for the Department of Ophthalmology (Center for Sight), Teaching Hospital, Kandy. This activity was carried out as a social service of the Center in 2009.

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IT Center organizes a free workshop for GCE (O/L) students in and around Kandy

The IT Center of the University organized a one day workshop on ICT named "Thorathuru Thaakshanaya Thulin Lowa Dinamu" for the students sitting for the IT subject in the GCE (O/L) examination this December. A limited number of students from about 20 schools, together with their teachers, amounting to a total of 120 had been invited for this event which was held on November 18th at the IT Center of the University. The Center has received financial and material support from several organizations towards this activity, and the staff thanks all those who pledged their support.

Custom made ICT training programs for outside organizations

The Information Technology Center (IT Center) of the University of Peradeniya has been providing its ICT resources and expertise to the undergraduate students of the University as well as to the general public since its inception in 2004, through various programs. In addition to many of our regular training programs, we are happy and proud to have been able to secure the opportunity to provide training programs to the Central Provincial Ministry of Industries, Sports, Women’s affairs, and Rural Development, on training unemployed youth, and also to the Central Provincial Department of Education on providing training to GCE (O/L) school teachers as well as students in enhancing their ICT knowledge in line with the OL curriculum. With the state-of–the-art technology and the long years of training experience at University level possessed by our staff, we undoubtedly carry an unmatched potential to be in the frontier of ICT training in the Central Province, and in the country.

We have taken every effort to provide tailor made programs to suit the requirements of the requesting organization, and also at a subsidized rate. If you have a need for a specific training program in ICT for your staff members, we would be more than happy to provide custom made courses to suit you requirement and time. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to serving you to achieve all your ICT training needs.

Providing technology support to the Ministry of Health - Central Province

Providing technology support for the Ministry of Health to improve computer network & the Internet facilities at the Ministry of Health- Central province.

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