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Who can request the reservation of labs at the Information Technology Center?

No restrictions. Anyone can request! However the acceptance of a reservation will depend upon many factors. Reservations for regular academic work at undergraduate level have the highest priority. Such request has to be justified by the Head of the Department and the Dean of Faculty.


Senate approved courses in undergraduate programs are treated as regular academic work.

Is there a fee for using IT Center facilities?

All undergraduate teaching Free of charge
Computers - (for all activities organized by the university other than regular undergraduate courses) [Eg: Postgraduate courses, short courses, workshops etc.] 50.00 (per hour, per computer)
Computers (for all other activities) 75.00 (per hour, per computer)
Multimedia projector (used within IT Center premises) 350.00 (per hour) (*)
Laptop computer (used within IT Center premises) 150.00 (per hour) (*)

(*) If used outside of ITC, it will have to be accompanied by a Technical support person of ITC, and the charge should include his hourly payment in addition to the above hourly charge

Technical support – outside venues within University of Peradeniya - (Transport to be provided by the party concerned) 200.00 (per hour)
Seminar room (large) 4000.00 (**) per day

(**) The rate may be adjusted to 2000.00 per half day but not for any lesser usage times

Meeting room (size may vary depending on the availability and the need) 2500.00 (any room)
Computer lab (including computers) 2500.00 fixed charge per day or part thereof + amount based on the number of machines used
Software installation charge (on request by the user) (*) 50.00 (per machine)

(*) A software version that is compatible with the system must be provided by the user

Networking equipment lab - (hired with networking equipment in installed form, together with technical support of 1 person for each hour of use) 10,000.00 per day or part thereof + hourly rate for computers + 200.00 per hour (for mandatory tech support)

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How do I reserve a lab at the Information Technology Center?

To reserve a lab, a lab reservation form should be properly completed and submitted to the IT Center at least 7 working days prior to the date of first requirement. Please ensure that the form is duly signed by the respective head of department and dean (or other appropriate persons in authority). In case there are additional requirements, a covering letter indicating them may be sent along with the application.

From where can I obtain lab reservation forms?

You can download Application from here, Or you could obtain from the counter of the IT Center during working hours.

Once I send an application form to the IT Center, can I assume that the reservation has been made?

Please confirm by calling the center two working days after submitting the request. Due to the rising demand for IT Center facilities there are many difficulties in allocating resources. The Center will do its best to let the applicant know if the center is unavailable at the time requested. However, since some applicants cannot be reached easily, it is recommended that the applicant takes the necessary steps to contact the center and confirm the reservation.

What facilities are provided when the labs in the center are reserved?

Generally, only the number of workstations requested in the application will be provided. Technical support will be provided in case some workstations do not function etc. However, if you require additional facilities such as multimedia projectors, internet access, continuous technical support, instructors etc., these should be clearly mentioned in the covering letter included with the application. Please note that these additional services will normally be charged separately.

I require specialized software. How do I make sure that it is available on the computers at the IT Center?

We have commonly used software such as word processing, spread sheet and presentation software installed on every computer. However, if you require any specialized software, it should be mentioned in the application form. If we do not have a copy of that software, a copy of software that can work in our environment should be provided by the applicant. This copy should be handed over to the Center at least three working days prior to the first day it is needed. Also, it is advisable that you make sure that the software is working appropriately at least on the day before the first scheduled class.

A visiting lecturer will be conducting the classes at the IT Center. Are there any special requirements?

There are no special requirements. However, applicants are requested to make sure that everything that the visiting lecturer requires are available at least one day before the first day. The center may NOT be able to accommodate instantaneous requests from visiting lecturers.

We need to conduct a test at the IT Center. What is the procedure?

The lab should be reserved in the same way as usual.
Additionally, you are advised to visit the lab on the day before the test and make sure that everything is in order. Also, if any preparations are necessary, please come to the lab at least one and a half hours before starting the test It would be helpful if you could provide a detailed description of how the test will be carried out, how you will be distributing any required data, how you will be collecting the files saved by the students etc. in the covering letter. This would avoid a lot of problems when you come for the test.

What happens in the case of a power failure?

Currently, we have a generator at the IT Center and the UPS s connected to each machine are sufficient for the users to save the files they are currently working on. However, especially in case of tests, please instruct the students to save their work the moment the UPS indicates a power failure. We cannot provide any recovery method for data lost in this manner.

Whom should I contact if I have queries?

Contact Ms. Anusha at 081 2388820 or campus extension 2906 / 2900 during following hours Monday- Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm or email

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